Friday, June 1, 2007

Commercial Break: Charles Brown, DDS

This is sort of embarrassing, but I haven’t gone to the dentist in a long time. Part of it is because I don’t have dental insurance. But also, it’s because I get really nervous about who I allow to touch me in any way. I really hate going to the regular doctor, and the dentist is even worse, because he’s putting his hands in your mouth! If I knew a really good dentist who I felt comfortable with, I might be more eager to go to the dentist. But my family used the same dentist for generations. My grandparents go to him, my aunts and uncles go to him, my parents go to him, and I was raised going to him! I think we’re supposed to be loyal to him because he’s Italian. But the truth is he’s about 200 years old by now and he makes me a little nervous!
I wish I lived in Washington, so I could go see Charles Brown DDS PC. I like him already, just because of his name! He’s a dentist at Hayfield Dental Care, where all of the dentists have advanced or specialty training and can perform just about any procedure. That means, if you have some sort of complicated need with your teeth, you can just get it done there, instead of being referred to someplace else! Not only does he work for a reputable practice, but he himself is one of the best, having gotten both the Quality Care Award and Resident Of The Year Award, and being known as one of Washington’s top dentists. Hmm, maybe I can just buy a plane ticket and travel out to see him?

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