Friday, June 1, 2007

Children's Awareness Month

June 1st marks the beginning of Children’s Awareness Month.
Children’s Awareness Month is about being especially aware of the things in our world that children are up against… and the things we can do to help children everywhere.
There are other “awareness” holidays this month that coincide with Children’s Awareness Month. For instance, June is also Children’s Vision Awareness Month, Sports America Kid’s Month, Potty Training Month, and Student Safety Month, and we will learn a little bit about each of these issues throughout the month.
There are also some special days and weeks during the month of June:

June 3-9 is Black Single Parents Week.
June 4th is both Children’s Awareness Memorial Day, and International Innocent Child Victims of Aggresssion Day.
June 5th is Child Health Day.
June 6th is National Hunger Awareness Day.
June 9th is Take A Kid Fishing Day
June 10th is Children’s Sunday.
June 11th is Abused Women and Children’s Day..
June 12-18 is National Little League Baseball Week.
June 12th is World Against Child Labor Day.
Jnue 14th is Family History Day
June 18th is Family Awareness Day
June 24th is America’s Kids Day.

(If you know of any special days in June that I’m missing, please let me know!)

As you may have noticed, each month I donate a portion of the proceeds from this blog to an organization that helps children. This month, I will be donating to the Children’s Defense Fund. The Children’s Defense Fund is a private, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping children… particularly, to helping at-risk children early, before they get sick, get in trouble, drop out of school, suffer family breakdown, etc. CDF’s mission statement is “Leave No Child Behind” (not to be confused with George W’s “No Child Left Behind” Campaign!) The Leave No Child Behind mission is to work towards providing every child a Healthy Start (providing health insurance and medical care) a Head Start (getting kids into quality Head Start pre-k or child care programs), a Fair Start (attempting to level the playing field between wealthy children and children from low-income families), a Safe Start (focusing on keeping kids safe, including making sure they have safe child care available while their parents are at work) and a Moral Start (teaching children right from wrong at an early age.) They run programs like Freedom Schools that provide after school and summer education/recreation programs , the Beat The Odds scholarship program that provides scholarships for kids who have made it through a lot of obstacles and want to go to college, the SHOUT and SPROUT programs that work to link families with children up through college with health insurance programs, the Cradle To Prison program which attempts to break the negative cycle that children in poverty are often born into, the Emerging Leaders Project which provides training, resources, support and networking to early care and education advocates, free tax and benefits assistance to low-income families in order to help them learn whether they qualify for certain tax breaks, and a program to provide health and mental health services to children who were victims of Hurricane Katrina. As you can see, the Children’s Defense Fund helps children in a lot of ways, and I hope we can raise a nice donation for them!
Please keep coming back!

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