Saturday, May 5, 2007

Video About Foster Care

I found these videos about foster care that I thought I'd share with you! Unfortunately I can't even watch them myself right now, because my dad is playing his electric guitar at top volume four feet away from where the only computer in the house is... so I hope these videos are good!

This was my very favorite show when I was a kid... before I really even understood what foster care was! I loved Punky Brewster! This spunky foster kid was an inspiration to me!

Here's another one that allows some foster care kids to speak for themselves!

Here's one of my favorite commercials about foster care!

I hope these videos will be an inspiration to you! Tomorrow starts our first week of learning about missing children... but starting on the 13th, we will learn more ways in which people can make a difference for kids in foster care, even if they are unable to be foster parents!

Keep on reading!

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John Stoffer said...

I'm honored that you would put my video on your blog. Let me know if you would like any of the pictures or a better quality copy of the video.