Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Spotlight on foster parents!

A lot of people have some predjudices and misconceptions about foster parents. People hear nightmare stories about foster parents, or they know someone who had a horrible experience with a foster parent, and they think all foster parents are like that.
Some of the things I've heard people say are, "Foster parents are just taking the kids for the money," or "They have so many children coming through their homes that they just can't get attached to any of them," or "They steal other people's children away from them."
Well, through the Internet and in real life, I've had the pleasure of knowing some fantastic, dedicated foster parents! Throughout this month, I will introduce you to a few of them.
Today, I'll introduce two of my favorite foster parenting blogs.
First is The Baggage That Goes With Mine. Only in her late twenties (and appearing much younger," the author of this blog, who calls herself "Baggage," has already done more than most people do in a life time. She is a disabled veteran who, after leaving the military, decided to become a foster parent. Before long she adopted "Bug," a spunky ten-year-old foster child. And recently, she became the foster parent to three more children. Baggage does all of this as a single parent, rarely getting help from anyone... and she loves all of those kids with all her heart. Read her blog to follow the day to day life of Baggage, Bug, Butterfly, Bubba, and Snowbaby!

The next blog I'd like to introduce you to is Tales From The Angel Retreat, another foster parent/blogger. She calls her home the Angel Retreat because she fosters little "angels" who have had a tough time in life so far. Although they don't always act like perfect angels... besides the normal "kid" behaviors, these kids have been through hell and back and many also have special need... she knows they're all angels at heart! This foster parent also does it as a single parent, but with the help of her mother, who lives with her and raises the children alongside her.

So if you have any preconceptions about who foster parents are and who foster children are.... or if you have no idea about these things at all... I urge you to check out these two blogs, and read their true stories.

Happy reading!

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