Monday, April 23, 2007

Examples of Emotional Abuse

hi everyone! Sorry I've been neglecting this blog for a few days... I am at the end of my semester and have been bogged down with papers, studying for final exams, etc! Anyway, I got out of class a little early tonight, so I decided to take this time to share some examples of what might be emotionally abusive things to say or do to a child.
Here are a few given by the University of Minnesota Children's Hospital.

- Name calling. (You're stupid," "You're crazy," "You're a brat," etc.)
- Labeling children as bad instead of labeling their behavior. ("You're a bad boy," instead of "I get angry when you draw pictures on the walls!")
- Telling children that they are a burden on you. ("I wish you were never born," or "If I didn't have kids, my life would be a lot better!")
- Blaming children for causing problems in the family. ("Its your fault daddy and I are getting divorced!")
- Discounting children's feelings. ("Only sissies cry!" or "You're way too old to be upset about that!")

A few more from The Help Guide...
- Intimidating the child. (Yelling, screaming, frightening, threatening or bullying.)
- Belittling or shaming the child. ("You're no good!" or "You're a mistake!")
- Lack of affection and warmth. (Never hugs child or says, "I love you.")
- Ignoring or rejecting the child.
- Extreme punishment (Tying to a chair or locking in a closet.)
- Exposure to violence (Abuse of another person or pet in front of the child or where the child can hear.)
- Child exploitation (Taking advantage of a child, including child labor.)
- Child abduction (The kidnapping or holding captive of a child, including by a relative or noncustodial parent.)

And just a few more from Rid Alaska Of Child Abuse:

- Excessive demands on a child's performance (Demanding perfection in a dance recital or in a sport)
- Punishing a child for normal behavior (such as smiling, playing with toys, talking, etc)
- Socially isolating the child (keeping him or her from having or making normal friendships.)

As you can see, there are many ways that a child can be emotionally abused. Some are more extreme, and others seem minor. Remember... every parent makes mistakes once in a while. A parent who has blown up at a child once or twice is most likely not emotionally abusive. But subjecting a child to the things on this list on a daily basis would constitute abouse! Remember, emotional abuse is as damaging as other types of abuse, and sometimes even more so! If you know of a child who is being emotional abused, please do what you can to help them!

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