Friday, April 13, 2007

Childhood Sexual Abuse: From The Mouths Of Survivors

"I'm an abuse suvivor. I was about two years old the first time I was raped, at least I think I was, its hard to put a time frame on it. All I can remember is feeling awkward after going to see an uncle who used to make me play games that involved me getting naked. This was my childhood.
I was taken away from my home at 12 when I was sold on to others. I worked the streets for 3 years, then I was resued by a group of christian brothers (nice, guys. I was raped 3 times by their membership) Eventually, I took control, god alone knows how. At the age of 26 I went to university, got married at 29 had two beautiful children. My life couldnt be better now if I had designed it myself, I have character, I have strength, ! am woman and my life is my own
blessed be."

"I was 14 years old when it began and 15 years when i finally took actions and stopped it.
At the age off 16 i came out with the story that a man (who was a old schoolfriend off my father) abused me.After a year the man got a prison punishment for 1 year with probation of 1/4,and after 3 month's were over he got back on the streets for good behavior.
After that i had a hard time believing he got 1 month earlyer out of jail than the law write's for me but thats over now. I had asked some hard friends off mine to make a statment to hime "Get Out off thise city!!" which he did and now i don't have any problems with hime but still fear that there will be new children he will abuse."

"Believe it or not, I have actually had people say to me stupid things like " well if there was no oral contact and he didn't have sex with you then you weren't really abused and whats the big deal?!" Well!! Let me say THIS to those of you who have that attitude ~ Some forms of abuse are most definately worse than others and compared to many survivors out there, yes, my abuse isn't NEARLY as bad!! BUT!! No matter how major or mild it may seem to you, they are ALL abuse and they are ALL physically, mentally and emotionally damaging!! The abuse that I went through began roughly at the age of about 5 and consisted of clothed and unclothed breast and genital contact, crude comments, alot of 'accidentally' bursting into the bathroom or my bedroom while I was getting out of the tub or dressed and then standing there with this sick leery look on his face. In the beginning there were a couple of incidents were I would have to help 'wash' him in the shower. I was pretty young then and did shower with him those couple of times then that stopped. To some of you that may seem minor or petty, but I can assure you that it wasn't to me. In fact it did some major damage and paved a path in life for me that has not been nice."

"When I was 3 my parents divorced and my dad moved away to a different city. I didnt see him very often, but when I did we slept in the same bed, as he only had a 1 room apt. He would molest me everytime, and he would tell me we were playing house, I was the mommy and he was the daddy, and this is what you did. I was so young, I had no clue what was happening, but I kept it secret, even though he never asked me too. I dont know why, it just felt dirty, but he was my dad and I trusted him. This went on for the next five years, until when I was 8 he passed away from a heart attack. I never told a soul, until I was 15, and I told my mother and she was disgusted with my father and felt so guilty that she didnt know. But how could she? I had never told her. She was truly heartbroken and I was broken as well. I went to counseling a few times, but nothing can take away the way my own father, had betrayed me. It is tough sometimes when I think about it, but I have found a way to forgive him and move on, as I now have my own children to raise."

It is estimated that approximately 1 of every 4 females and 1 of every 6 males have been sexually abused in some way by the time they are 18.

Of all of the women who are raped in the USA, half of them are under 18.

For 96% of children under the age of 12 who are sexually assaulted, the assaultant is someone they know, as opposed to a "stranger".

For the next five days, the topic of this blog will be sexual abuse. Stay tuned.

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