Friday, April 27, 2007

Child Abuse and Neglect In The News

Every day, the newspapers are full of stories of people who have been abusing or neglecting their children. Here is just a sampling of some of the most recent stories from across the USA:

Colorado: Teen Mom Pleads Guilty of Child Abuse

Wisconsin: Two Arrested For Alleged Child Neglect

Ohio: Man Indicted For Child Abuse

Canada: Girl Locked In Wooden Box

Tennessee: Murphreesboro Couple Charged With Abusing Child

Wisconsin: Inebriated Mother Faces Child Neglect Charges

California: Fresno Man Arrested In Abuse of His 7-Week-old!

Florida: Granny Burns Child With Spoon

New York: Man faces Sex Abuse Charges... AgainConneticut: Mom, Friend Convicted Of Child Abuse

New Jersey: Adoptive Mom Sues State Over Child's Abuse In Foster Care

Pennsylvania: Couple Accused Of Locking Children In Closet

Maine: Former Day Care Worker Accused In Abuse Case

These are just a handful of recent stories about child abuse... and remember, the only cases that even make the news are the ones that get found out!
That may be depressing. But in the next few days we will learn about people and agencies are working to help prevent and treat child abuse, and how we can help make a difference in this cause!

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Children with out voices said...

Thank you for viewing my blog and I commend you on your work to make a difference. One thing that people must be aware of is domestic abuse has many victims, dysfunctional or not it is a family and children looked to parents for guidance whether they are abused or not. Confusing as it is, it's not enough to remove children from a bad situation, we have to find ways to prevent social economic problems and mental health issues before children become the victims of such causes. I support education in as many ways as we can reach children and adults a like, my dream is that through outreach programs we can save lives. There are many families who live on the system taking advantage of it in many ways which makes it harder for those who really seek help, but for every child whose life is made better it's well worth it.
I'd like to think I am alone in the life my brother and sisters led as children, I know that is so far from the truth, to think one other children as I write is hearing , seeing and feeling the outlash of abuse makes me cringe. So many factors and so much pain, it sometimes seems like no end. The real goal is hopefully only bringing children into the world who will be loved and cared for, that is the best prevention is to stop it before it starts. We are taught for thirteen years how to read, write and arithmetic and yet we spend so little time teaching parenting. It should start on home but for many it don't.
Again my best wishes for your success in saving the life of a child.