Thursday, April 19, 2007

Abuse Of The Heart: Emotional Abuse

So far during National Child Abuse Awareness Month, we have learned about physical and sexual child abuse. But what about emotional abuse? Once, emotional abuse was not even considered a real form of child abuse. But we now know it can be one of the most harmful forms of child abuse, and have very long term effects. It is also one of the hardest types of abuse to detect.
According to the National Exchange Club Foundation,, emotional abuse can be defined as "the systematic tearing down of another human being." This type of abuse, also known as "verbal abuse", "mental abuse," or "psychological abuse," can be even more devastating to a child than other types of abuse. Studies have shown that children who are physically or sexually abused can heal and rcover if they are taken out of the dangerous situation, placed in a safe situation, and treated both medically and psychologically. But because emotional abuse attacks the very inner core of the child's being, it can effect how the child thinks and feels about himself, and it can be very hard to undo even with therapy.
In fact, even if an infant is physically well-cared-for, if he is not shown love and affection, he can develop "failure to thrive," and die.
Throughout the next five days, we will learn more about the types of emotional abuse, the effects it can have on children, and how adults can detect whether a child they know is being emotionally abused.
So, please, stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for posting this, I'm doing a campaign project with some other people to protest child abuse for one of my classes, and this helped a lot! Thanks, again!